Executive Committee

NZEA President

Geoff Botherway

NZEA Secretary

Jordan Goss (Nat. Dip Emb, NZ Dip. FD)

Working in the funeral industry was my dream job and in 2009 I took up a part-time role with Harbour City Funeral Home, this very quickly became a full-time position.

I completed the Diploma’s in Embalming and Funeral Directing in 2012 and 2015 respectively.

Over a number of years, I supported the NZEA executive as the local convener for Wellington-based meetings. In 2018 the opportunity came up for me to join the executive.

I believe I can be of value to the association because I am motivated, efficient, approachable, and contactable. I am also a strong advocate for embalming and the education of others about our chosen profession.

NZEA Treasurer

Joanne Piper (Cert. Emb, NZ Dip. FD)

My journey began in May 1980, when Basil Gee of Gee & Hickton Lower Hutt employed me for a couple of hours after school on a Thursday. Vacuuming the chapel, cleaning the public toilets and emptying/cleaning ashtrays was not an uncommon practice. My curious mind and admiration for those whom worked behind the doors that stated ‘NO ENTRY’ lead me further into the unknown. 

Peter Strong accompanied me and led the way into the world of Embalming. I studied at CIT in Trentham, class of 85-86. 

I lived and worked in Auckland as an Embalmer in the late 80’s. I was the first female embalmer in the state of Victoria, Australia in the early 90’s and worked as a free lance embalmer. I travelled the world and am a past member of BIE & AIE. 

33 years later I am still passionate about embalming. I am a member of Blake Disaster Response Team and also an active NZEA member. I have been on the NZEA Executive for two years now.  I have devoted a significant amount of time writing to the government to request the regulation and registration of embalmers for longer much longer than my time on the executive.

I look forward to meeting you at future meetings and functions.

NZEA Executive Members

  Kirsty Mehrtens (Nat. Dip Emb, NZ Dip. FD)

After being offered my ‘dream job’ as a funeral director I found my true passion when I entered that ‘scared room’.  

I have been a member of NZEA since 2011 as a newbie student and understand how education is of fundamental importance to the families that we serve. Voted onto the executive in 2020 I am also a representative on the editorial board of Funeralcare and help Jordan with NZEA’s two Facebook sites.  

Based in New Plymouth I work in partnership with my husband Scott. I am also a marriage celebrant in my spare time.   

Executive Appointments

  • Almoner: Kirsty Mehrtens
  • Auditor: Dennis Blank
  • Disaster Response: Simon Manning
  • FuneralCare Representatives: Kirsty Mehrtens, Tim Brown and Ben Whitworth
  • FSTT Representatives: Michael Wolffram
  • Practical Examiners: Gavin Murphy (Chief Examiner), Wade Downey, Paolo Guglietta, Robyn Tattley, and Lyndsay Pyers
  • Website Administrators: Jordan Goss, Rhys Cleveland
  • Facebook Administrator: Jordan Goss
  • Assistant Facebook Administrators: Kirsty Mehrtens