Membership Information

1) Full Member

A person shall be eligible for full membership upon successful completion of an examination or examinations as the Association may determine or have such qualifications that the Association may deem it to be sufficient without examination. This person must hold a current practising certificate.

2) Life Member

Any full member of the Association who has rendered long and distinguished service to the Association may be elected a Life Member of the Association at an Annual General Meeting.

3) Honorary Member

Any person shall be eligible for honorary membership who has given valuable service and support to the Association, but who would not normally be eligible to become a full member.

4) Associate Member

Is a full member who is either retiring or leaving the industry but still wishes to retain formal links with the Association. It can also be a member who normally resides outside of New Zealand and cannot satisfactorily attend approved training. An associate member may return to full membership status at any time they satisfy the Executive they once again meet the requirements for issue of a practising certificate and have paid the relevant subscription fee.

5) Student Membership

Student membership is available to any individual who is enrolled on an approved training program. 

6) Affiliate Membership 

The Executive may invite any company, corporation, partnership, firm, group, other trading entity, or individual to establish a formal link with the Association, as an affiliate member.

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