The "Fluid Drop" was designed by Malcolm Harding of Hawera and has been incorporated on all Association publications, stationary, cuff links, and badges since 1980.

The design encompasses many aspects of the art and science of embalming, and symbolises the modern practice of embalming. Even given our modern age, the logo also recognises the ancient origins of embalming. 

The Ancient Age is represented by...

  • The Pyramid - signifies the embalmers of ancient cultures

The Modern Age is represented by...

  • The Fluid Drop - signifies modern arterial embalming practice
  • The Human Figure - signifies human achievement in the advancement of modern embalming art, science, and practice
  • The Open Text Book - signifies the continuing quest for learning through further education and training
  • The Stylised Embalming Table - signifies the dignified and proper care of the deceased
  • The Southern Cross Constellation - signifies New Zealand