Meet our devoted executive members

Geoff Botherway (Nat. Dip FS)
Geoff Botherway (Nat. Dip FS)President
Geoff joined the funeral industry as a trainee embalmer at the completion of high school. Geoff is currently in his second
term as President after service on the executive as the Secretary and President between 2009-2016. Geoff has a passion
for the art of embalming and promoting its relevance to a meaningful farewell.
Jordan Goss (Nat. Dip Emb, NZ Dip. FD)
Jordan Goss (Nat. Dip Emb, NZ Dip. FD)Secretary
Jordan completed the diplomas in Embalming and Funeral Directing in 2012 and 2015 respectively. Jordan is a strong
advocate for embalming and the education of others about our chosen profession.
Joanne Piper (Awd. Emb, NZ Dip. FD)
Joanne Piper (Awd. Emb, NZ Dip. FD)Treasurer
Joanne studied at the Central Institute of Technology, Trentham in 1985 and after 33 years Jo is still passionate about
embalming. Jo has devoted a significant amount of time writing to the government to request the regulation and registration
of embalmers for much longer than her time as an executive member.
Kirsty Mehrtens (Nat. Dip Emb, NZ Dip. FD)
Kirsty Mehrtens (Nat. Dip Emb, NZ Dip. FD)Executive Member
Kirsty has been a member of the New Zealand Embalmers Association since 2011 as a newbie student and understands
how education is of fundamental importance to the families that we serve. Voted onto the executive in 2020 I am also a
representative on the editorial board of Funeralcare
Jo Renner (Awd. Emb)
Jo Renner (Awd. Emb)Executive Member
Jo joined the funeral industry in 1997 and attended CIT (in 1999) to study the award in embalming, this was the last class of the ’20th century’.
After over 20 years in the funeral industry, Jo has been honoured to look after many family’s loved ones and she knows the importance of our role.
Jo has always enjoyed seminars, learning new skills, and sharing knowledge with fellow embalmers.