Meet our devoted executive members

Jodie Hope (NZDBus(L5), BApptMgt, Nat. Dip. Emb)
Jodie Hope (NZDBus(L5), BApptMgt, Nat. Dip. Emb)President
I have worked as a funeral director and embalmer for the last 8 years, receiving my Diploma of Embalming in 2016 as well as the regal supreme award for top overall student. Previous to this I completed a Diploma of Business, and a Bachelors Degree of Applied Management (double majoring in Human Resource Management and Event Management).

I have been on boards and executives before for Business Networking International, the Andersons Bay Basketball Club, and Basketball Otago so I have experience with running and being part of executives and helping make operational change/benefit for members. Being fifth generation of my family to work in our family business, and now also having worked for a corporate organisation.

I have a unique perspective that allows me to see the best of both worlds, as well as indicators of what needs to change. As embalmers and funeral directors our primary duty and our common trait is care/caring, I am passionate about making change to make sure our embalmers are looked after. With the best technology, training, and network around them to make sure they succeed, and are able to care for our communities.

Kirsty Mehrtens (Nat. Dip Emb, NZ Dip. FD)
Kirsty Mehrtens (Nat. Dip Emb, NZ Dip. FD)Secretary
Kirsty has been a member of the New Zealand Embalmers Association since 2011 as a newbie student and understands how education is of fundamental importance to the families that we serve. Kirsty was initially voted onto the executive in 2020.
Jo Renner (Awd. Emb)
Jo Renner (Awd. Emb)Treasuer
Jo joined the funeral industry in 1997 and attended CIT (in 1999) to study the award in embalming, this was the last class of the ’20th century’. After over 20 years in the funeral industry, Jo has been honoured to look after many family’s loved ones and she knows the importance of our role.

Jo has always enjoyed seminars, learning new skills, and sharing knowledge with fellow embalmers.